The 2018 primary election is here!  To vote, the new Act 633 of 2017 requires you to either (1) present a photo ID or (2) vote using a provisional ballot process.  If you don’t have one of the approved forms of photo ID and don’t want to go through the extra steps of voting by provisional ballot, the county clerk’s office in the county in which you’re registered to vote is authorized and has the equipment to provide you with a free Voter Verification Card.  This card will qualify you to vote using a regular ballot instead of a provisional ballot.  To find out more about applying for a Voter Verification Card in Pulaski County, click HERE or call our Voter Registration Department at 501-340-8336.  If you prefer to obtain a driver's license or non-driver ID issued by your local Revenue Office, click HERE for more information.


Candidate Filings

Candidates who have filed with the Office of the Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk for the May 22, 2018 Preferential Primary Election and Nonpartisan Election:

  • Assessor-Janet Troutman Ward Pulaski County Assessor
  • Circuit/County Clerk-Christopher Crane
  • Circuit/County Clerk-Terri Hollingsworth
  • Circuit/County Clerk-Steve Walden
  • Constable (Big Rock Township)-Constable Mike Graves
  • Constable (Hill Township)-Buster Lackey
  • Constable (Hill Township)-Mark G. Phillips
  • County Judge-County Judge Barry Hyde
  • Jacksonville North Pulaski School Board (At Large Position 1)-Daniel Gray
  • Jacksonville North Pulaski School Board (Zone 2)-Ava Coleman
  • Jacksonville North Pulaski School Board (Zone 5)-Dena Toney
  • Justice of the Peace (District 1)-Justice of the Peace Doug Reed
  • Justice of the Peace (District 1)-Dianna Varady
  • Justice of the Peace (District 2)-Justice of the Peace Tyler Denton
  • Justice of the Peace (District 3)-Justice of the Peace Kathy Lewison
  • Justice of the Peace (District 4)-Justice of the Peace Julie Blackwood
  • Justice of the Peace (District 4)-Hunter Windle
  • Justice of the Peace (District 5)-Justice of the Peace Lillie Ingram McMullen
  • Justice of the Peace (District 6)-Justice of the Peace Donna Massey
  • Justice of the Peace (District 7)-Teresa A. Coney
  • Justice of the Peace (District 8)-Curtis A. Keith
  • Justice of the Peace (District 9)-Justice of the Peace Judy Green
  • Justice of the Peace (District 10)-Justice of Peace R. Green
  • Justice of the Peace (District 10)-Barry D Jefferson
  • Justice of the Peace (District 10)-Karega "Red" Wilson
  • Justice of the Peace (District 11)-Justice of the Peace Aaron Robinson
  • Justice of the Peace (District 12)-Justice of the Peace Luke McCoy
  • Justice of the Peace (District 13)-Justice of the Peace, Phil Stowers
  • Justice of the Peace (District 14)-Justice of the Peace Paul Elliott
  • Justice of the Peace (District 15)-Bill Carson
  • Justice of the Peace (District 15)-Justice of the Peace Staci Medlock
  • Sheriff-Eric Higgins
  • Sheriff-Carl Minden
  • Treasurer-Treasurer Debra Buckner

Candidates who have filed with the Office of the Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk for the November 6, 2018 Jacksonville and Sherwood municipal office elections:

  • Jackvonville City Attorney-City Attorney Robert Bamburg
  • Jacksonville City Attorney-Stephanie Friedman
  • Jacksonville City Clerk/Treasurer-City Clerk/Treasurer Susan Davitt
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 1, Position 1)-Council Member Kenny Elliott
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 1, Position 1)-Jeff Elmore
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 1, Position 1)-Jody L. Urquhart
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 2, Position 1)-Council Member Kevin McCleary
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 2, Position 1)-C. Rolanda Robinson
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 2, Position 1)-Gary Sipes
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 3, Position 1)-Council Member Reedie Ray
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 4, Position 1)-Mike Traylor
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 5, Position 1)-John A Donnelly
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 5, Position 1)-Ratchell Richter
  • Jacksonville City Council (Ward 5, Position 1)-Council Member Tara Smith
  • Jacksonville Mayor-Mayor Gary Fletcher
  • Jacksonville Mayor-Debra Fulton
  • Jacksonville Mayor-St. Rep. Bob Johnson
  • Jacksonville Mayor-Patrick Thomas
  • Sherwood City Attorney-City Attorney Steve Cobb
  • Sherwood City Attorney-Chris Oswalt
  • Sherwood City Clerk-Treasurer-Angela Nicholson
  • Sherwood City Council (Ward 1, Position 1)-April Ford Broderick
  • Sherwood City Council (Ward 1, Position 1)-Ken Keplinger
  • Sherwood City Council (Ward 2, Position 1)-Mary Jo Heye
  • Sherwood City Council (Ward 2, Position 1)-Shelby Thomas
  • Sherwood City Council (Ward 3, Position 1)-Beverly Williams
  • Sherwood City Council (Ward 4, Position 1)-Timothy W. McMinn
  • Sherwood Mayor-Mayor Virginia Hillman Young


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Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Same-sex marriage_Stay_5.16.2014

Same-sex marriage_Final Order_5.15.2014

Same-sex marriage_Nunc Pro Tunc_5.15.2014

Same-sex marriage_Order Denying Stay_5.15.2014

Same-sex marriage_Order Granting Summary Judgment_5.9.2014

Same-sex marriage_Order of dismissal_6.26.2014

US Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling_6.26.2015