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Voter Registration

How do I register to vote?
Download the voter registration forms available in PDF format in English or Spanish.

Where can I go to vote?
Find Your Polling Place >

The website says I am not registered to vote, what do I do?
Call the Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk's office at (501) 340-8336 or e-mail us at vrcr@pulaskiclerk.com.  If you are a new registrant, it generally takes a few weeks for the registration process to be completed. The County Clerk will mail you an acknowledgement of your voter registration.  Only then are you "guaranteed" that you are registered to vote.

How do I change my voter registration address?
Click here to download the change of address form.  Complete and return the form to the County Clerk’s office. You may mail it, bring it by in person, or fax it to (501) 340-3556.

How do I vote by absentee ballot?
Click here to download the absentee ballot application.  We can also mail or fax the application, or you can pick one up at the county clerk’s office.  Complete the application and return the form to the county clerk’s office by applicable deadlines.  Unless you specify otherwise on your application, you must submit a new application for each election for which you intend to vote by absentee ballot.  For active duty military serving overseas and for overseas citizens, an absentee ballot application serves the next two general elections for federal office.  These absentee voters must indicate this preference on the application.  On the absentee ballot application, declare how you wish to receive your ballot: picking it up in person, receiving it by mail, or by allowing a bearer or an authorized agent to pick it up.  The Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk will not fax absentee ballots.  For further questions, please contact us at (501) 340-8683 or vrcr@pulaskiclerk.com.

What do I do if, when I go to the polls, my name is not listed in the poll book?
If you are registered to vote and are in the correct precinct, but your name does not appear in the poll book, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot.  Provisional ballots are not counted until your voter registration is confirmed.  When voting by provisional ballot, you must sign an affirmation that you are a registered voter in Pulaski County and are eligible to vote in that election.  After the election, you will be informed by the Pulaski County Election Commission in writing of whether or not the ballot was counted. 

When does early voting start?
For early voting hours for a current or upcoming election, go to our  News/Events page and click on the election proclamation.

Can convicted felons vote?
Under Amendment 51 of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas convicted felons can eventually have their voting rights restored.  To become eligible to have their voting rights restored, convicted felons must satisfy all terms of imprisonment, be discharged from probation or parole, and have paid all applicable fines, court costs, restitution, etc.  Once they have completely “paid their debt to society”, convicted felons can regain their eligibility to vote.  The applicant must provide proof to the county clerk that all of the above requirements have been met before their voter application is approved.